Future of Programming/Why codecooks

We on codecooks would provide a range of articles considering the demand in future. We have right now written In-depth articles for Java programming language, now we are extending to cover Automated Testing, Python, Machine learning, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Data Science and Javascript

1. Programming will be more abstract

Future of applications would be more inclined towards serverless technologies, containers and low code platforms which makes sure developers only need to focus on functional aspect rather than some low level things like scalability, deployment, repetitively coding the obvious. There are various tools in the market which codes the behavior based on the user clicks.

2. Data would be everywhere

It is almost pre-assumed that in future, applications would be built largely based on considering or analyzing a lot of data. Data can me around user behaviors, market trends, sentiments, or various other dimensions. So it might be a necessity for any developer to do data analysis and making sense out of it.

3. Machine Learning

With the amount of data on the rise exponentially if not all, most of the applications would be built foreseeing the future based on the trends in the past. So with that comes a need to learn Python as a programming languages which has an array of libraries supporting web development, machine learning, data analysis, web scraping, etc.

4. Testing to be an important aspect

As applications grow in terms of complexity Testing would become an even more important aspect in SDLC lifecycle. Since manual testing would not be able to handle such permutation of scenarios Automated testing becomes the key. In future automated testing would also be automated based on data and user behavior.

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